With a 92% average retention rate behind 37 life-changing principles to improve all areas of life, our materials are widely sought after. Not only are the Crocodile courses fun to learn, corporations and schools utilize what we have to offer to dramatically increase productivity and profits!

What do we offer? 

Purchase a Crocodile Licence

Our proprietary material and cutting-edge learning systems have been created to dramatically improve any and all environments they are applied to. We do this through licensing our materials so they can be utilized by any organization, regardless of city, state or country. Individuals are trained through Crocodiles International, specifically to become certified ‘Crocilitators,’ who in turn, are able to teach others under a purchased license.

The advantages of purchasing a license are many, especially when it enables you to craft the course to your own organizational culture.

CORPORATIONS: Productivity & Profits
Like it or not–how an employee deals with personal issues affects your business. It directly affects your profits. If things are not resolved at home, they come to work…and vise versa. Our system assists your company on many levels: from inter-department communications, customer service, increased productivity and teamwork development…to dynamic leadership skills to raise the bar (and your profits!).  
SCHOOLS: Increased Positive Performance
Society continues to tax the minds and hearts of our youth.Our programs empowers students, infusing them with hope, confidence and courage, as well as tools to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Stress fades and creativity increases…as do grades! Youth who engage in our programs learn compassion, humility, awareness and a plethora of other virtues they eagerly adopt.
From youth homes to state prisons, Crocodiles International has materials and systems to help rehabilitate individuals in a non-encroaching way. Students learn in a safe and caring environment as they learn more about who they really are. 37 powerful principles that open the heart and mind, while unlocking attributes such as Forgiveness, Commitment, Loyalty, Style & Body Language, Words & Tone. Administrators will be shocked and delighted when their in-house Crocilitators use Gentle Boldness and get results!
CUSTOM PROGRAMS: No Challenge Too Big!
No matter what your circumstances are, we’re Crocodiles–we adapt! That means we have the skills and tools to customize our unique Intellectual Property and tailor it to your needs. Leadership and Team Building. Sales, Customer Service, Creative Thinking, Personal Mastery, Organizational Mastery, Strategic Planning, Relationship Building and Communications. They’re all part of the program…and we can train you and license you to do the same.



Executive Retreats

It all starts with those in charge. As Crocodiles, we have to know how to navigate the environment, regardless of the circumstances. You may be a seasoned veteran in your business, but you may be surprised at how much potential there is yet to be tapped. Would you like to learn how to do more and more or less and less–learning how to Relax, Evaluate, Strategize while being Patient until it’s time to Act? That’s RESPA, the Crocodile. Our retreats rejuvenate executives, while building and honing essential leadership skills that will take you business to a whole new level of achievement and profitability. 

Coaching Services

Even the best students have times when they need direction…even if it only a friendly reminder of what they already know–but didn’t think to apply. Crocodiles International offers Coaching Services to CEO’s, Key Executives and individuals.