Crocodiles InternationalCrocodiles International is a Personal and Organizational Culture Development Training and Coaching company. Behavioral and organizational change experts, specializing in implementation of corporate strategies. We help organizations realize their visions and take charge of their future.

In short, we are in the results business. As leaders in behavioral change management programs, we have a long-standing reputation for excellence in the delivery of effective leadership and management training.

We achieve this through an innovative approach to leadership development, encouraging a superior level of individual responsibility and accountability. Our unique and transformational intellectual property (IP) empowers its practitioners–enabling them to break through self-imposed limitations. This increases their productivity, improves relationships–both in the workplace and at home, expands their creativity and infuses one’s life with more peace, happiness and joy or ‘PHJ’ (pronounced “pah-HOO-juh”).

As organizations move from ‘top down’ management, towards ‘self-leadership’ teams–individual creativity and accountability become essential components of building agile, learning organizations. Successful change therefore, requires commitment from individuals as well as organizations in order to maximize the personal and professional potential of both. We provide change technologies and methodologies which are at the forefront of training and development.

Crocodiles International is more than a company, however. It has grown into a culture and way of being that literally lifts, supports, strengthens and transforms the human spirit by revealing the potential within each of us. We do this through an adventure in learning–making it simple, fun and easy. We also provide a system for easy recall thus ensures instant and constant application of principles learned. This dramatically increases return on investment and ensures faster and greater results.

In a world engineered to breed and encourage competition, hate and selfishness…depression and loss of hope is becoming more commonplace. We feel this has to stop! If success relies on the ability to anticipate and adapt to change, then organizations must find ways to implement change strategies more effectively.

The challenge is clear…and so is the answer.


“Professionally designed and delivered. This program is a must for those who think they’ve been there and done that!” – VACC Insurance

Most of us embrace change only when we have to.

The real challenge facing organizations then, is to inspire and motivate individuals to reach their potential and organizational goals. Such a culture values learning and forms the basis for high performance work teams where continuous improvement flourishes and becomes the norm.

Crocodiles International utilizes systems of leadership development which delivers both a willingness and a desire to commit to change.



Research into leading-edge organizations indicates the strong link between empowered employees and organizational success. Crocodiles International understands this link. As organizations from hierarchical structures towards more flexible styles of management, there is a great need for strong teams…where individuals are encouraged and challenged as team members and leaders in their own right.

Individual success is invested in team success.

The Crocodiles program inspires individuals to maximize their potential so they become motivated to achieve both their personal and professional leadership goals. This results in a new culture where success of one of us becomes the success of all of us. This is our approach. Such teams are dedicated to the success of the organization as a whole, as well as the success of the number one team member–themselves.

By utilizing Crocodiles, you will:

Create strong and effective leaders
Build Self Leadership Teams
Eliminate inter-departmental barriers
Develop accountability for results
Open communications
Infuse Entrepreneurship and stewardship principles
Develop opportunity focused attitudes
Learn creative mind principles
Develop stress management techniques
Develop goal setting and time management
Receive performance counseling
Create success planning strategies
Develop clarity of vision and direction
Improve resource planing and management



19No09 dwnld 263Crocodiles International addresses the human spirit. Our trainers are warriors against  the “hoodwink” (deception), which debilitate and break down people’s resilience, causing them to loose hope. Our mission is to reawaken people to not merely “believe”, but to truly know who they really are within their own heart and mind and then to empower them to live on purpose, with purpose…while inspiring others to do the same.

This is not some “new age” philosophy or feel good pep-seminar. Crocodiles is a carefully, meticulously developed system, that creates powerful, immediate and life-lasting results.

We look forward to doing business with you.