Roger Anthony


1 RA Headshot Crew top Aug09Husband, father, public speaker, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, athlete, and author, Roger Anthony understand the environment. His life is exemplary of how one can keep Cool, Calm, Creative, Spiritual and Productive under pressure. He attributes much of this to his respect and admiration of the Crocodile:

“They remain flexible, adapt to change and maintain mastery in any circumstance. As a result, Crocodiles are one of the greatest survivors on earth, even outliving the dinosaurs.”

Roger Anthony has spent the last 35 years studying, researching and developing unequalled systems in human development, memory retention and our ability to achieve. By relating specific principles taught by animals, balanced with Crocodiles International proprietary Learning Anchor System™ (LAS), unprecedented results are experienced. Roger Anthony’s Crocodile Trainings have a 92% Average Recall Rate of the 37 principles taught, compared to an industry average of about 14%! 

This dynamic Intellectual Property is being utilized all around the world by individuals, celebrities, professional athletes, corporations and schools. The results of this information has changed lives, improved communities and dramatically increased the profits of corporate clients.

Jaime Buckley, author of Wanted Hero had this to say about Roger Anthony:

“We are so blind to what truly lies inside us. An untapped and unrealized potential to brighten the lives of others and to enrich this world in which we live. It is extremely rare for a person to discover that part of themselves…but even more rare is the person who can lovingly, gently, hold up a mirror to show another how to do the same. Roger Anthony is such a man.

kristi-yamaguchi-14791From humble beginnings in Australia, he traveled the world–staying true to a vision which encompassed 37 principles. Principles that would rebuild the very foundation upon which most of us base our lives. While those in self-help and motivational industries pushed their wares, Roger Anthony focused on human performance, inviting and sharing his discoveries. He countered competition, greed and selfishness with cooperation, collaboration and community, teaching thousands of dynamic men and women to standing ovations.

I’ve known this sweet, brilliant, beautiful human being for many years–meeting under circumstances few would ever believe. Truth is, my job, when we first met, was to tear down whatever Roger built. I know. I know! That’s what makes my personal testimony of this man so powerful. He saw my desire to do what was right and in under three minutes (I mean that literally), we became friends for life.

Roger-AnthonySince then, we’ve eaten together, worked together, defied fantastic odds and prayed side by side with a focus on making the world a better place for everyone who lives upon it. I’ve watched him soften hearts, change minds and empower people who could not see the light of another day…while never encroaching on an individuals beliefs. He never shirked an opportunity to help another. Never laid the charge at someone else’s feet. His creations transcended races, religions, politics, genders, fears, phobias and cracked every hard heart I’ve ever met…most specifically my own.

Roger Anthony teaches the Crocodile principles of peace, happiness and joy–not by precept alone, mind you, but by being an unfaltering example. He teaches you how to obtain that most precious gift and hold it close to your heart. To never let go–yet to share it with everyone you meet. How can you not love a person like that? The kind of person that causes a room to stop, sit up and take notice…

When you meet Roger for the first time…and for that matter, those he’s taught, you notice something different about them. Something unique. Something exceptional.

They know who they are…and with that comes a great deal of peace in one hand, power in the other.

I’ve watched Roger perform his “Croc-Ball” demonstration on the Great Wall of China and shook hands with people who traveled around the world to thank him for kindness offered in decades past. This kind, unassuming man commands respect with nothing but a smile. If I had to describe him in one sentence, so you had a clear understanding of how others feel towards him…how Roger Anthony has impacted their lives, it would be this:

Roger Anthony is, what I hope and strive to become.”