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5 Step Plan of Mastery

During the Prehistoric Age, the Crocodiles roamed the Earth side by side with their cousins the Dinosaurs. They shared the same hunting grounds and experienced the same dynamically changing environment.

Today, Crocodiles are still alive upon the Earth…adapting and thriving!

When was the last time you saw a Dinosaur alive?

A Crocodile is one of the world’s greatest survivors! It has outlived the dinosaur and is incredibly flexible, thus able to thrive in a changing world. In this reporter’s opinion, the single most significant reason for the crocodile’s success is the strategic approach it has to life’s circumstances.

Emergency Response Teams, Genuine Masters of the Martial Arts, Firefighters, SWAT Teams etc. are all trained to follow the same strategy as the Crocodile, especially when confronted with a dangerous, or a potentially dangerous …

Eradicating Worry

Here are some facts about worry:

Worry is a learned behavior. Worry only serves to move us into a state of unhappiness that leads to stress. About 80% of the things we worry about never happen! Out of the 20% of the things that do happen 80% of those are never as bad as we thought they were going to be! The only positive purpose that worry serves, is to warn us through negative feelings, that we shouldn’t be worrying. In other words, when we feel negative emotions entering in, we should see them as a warning sign to make us aware that we shouldn’t be felling the way we do, and then do something to counteract the moment. Worry should therefore only be short lived and never prolonged. Prolonged …

Worry Sucks!

We live in a world that is speeding up at unprecedented rate and with it comes incredible change and therefore opportunity to grow and expand in both our personal and professional lives. However we are often hindered from taking advantage of the opportunities that are washed upon the shores of our lives by the currents of change, because we are hampered by feelings of stress, conflict, fear, doubt, inadequateness and overwhelm-ness, guilt etc. etc.

Whilst ever we allow these kinds of feelings to remain as part of our lives we limit our potential and miss the opportunities that abound.

Keeping Cool, Calm, Creative, Productive and Spiritual under pressure is the key to taking advantage of the bounteous opportunities that surround us.

How is this possible?

I’m the first to admit …

Definitions can be a dangerous thing…

I had a rather disturbing conversation with a young man not long ago, who claims he knew something about my family and wanted to share it with me. Being the fatherly orientated person I like to believe I am, and also caring about this particular young man, I sat down and listened to what he had to say. It was perfect opportunity to emulate “Mafid” the platypus–who makes allowances for individual differences.

It turned out to be a sensitive subject. I could feel his hesitation, trying to share what he felt. When it finally came out, I was a bit shocked. He had beliefs that were completely contrary to my own experiences and those of my family. He was there to tell me that the choices we had made were wrong.


Now, …