5 Step Plan of Mastery

During the Prehistoric Age, the Crocodiles roamed the Earth side by side with their cousins the Dinosaurs. They shared the same hunting grounds and experienced the same dynamically changing environment.

Today, Crocodiles are still alive upon the Earth…adapting and thriving!

When was the last time you saw a Dinosaur alive?

A Crocodile is one of the world’s greatest survivors! It has outlived the dinosaur and is incredibly flexible, thus able to thrive in a changing world. In this reporter’s opinion, the single most significant reason for the crocodile’s success is the strategic approach it has to life’s circumstances.

Emergency Response Teams, Genuine Masters of the Martial Arts, Firefighters, SWAT Teams etc. are all trained to follow the same strategy as the Crocodile, especially when confronted with a dangerous, or a potentially dangerous situation.

As humans, we would do well to follow this 5 Step Crocodile Plan of Mastery, as we commence any new day, start a new project, handle a sensitive issue, design and implement a sales strategy, enter into negotiation, conduct a meeting, manage stress, negotiate a deal, terminate an employee, discipline a child, etc.

The 5 Step Crocodile Plan of Mastery, should be the automatic process through which we make all of life’s decisions! Over the next 5 weeks we’ll look at each step individually to lay a foundation of success for the new year. 2013 is the year for you to achieve success and live on purpose!


Roger Anthony